Teen with autism Rosie King celebrates autism in her TED Talk

Vancouver, Canada — Storytelling activist Rosie King celebrated autism in her TED talk, challenging the way our society today looks at ‘normal’. King, who diagnosed herself with Asperger’s when she was nine years old, talked about how her autism has ‘freed’ her and allowed her to be creative. The 16-year-old TED speaker’s self-diagnosis of Asperger’s, […]

RPM changes life of teen with autism

Staten Island, N.Y. — Nick D’yAmora, a 17-year-old with autism from Staten Island in New York, has been living most of his life unable to communicate. It was in 2010 that his life started changing, because it was in that year that he and his family learned about the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). One day, […]

Security guard nominated for Community Hero Award after helping teen with autism – w/video

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada — A security guard for a mall in Thornhill in Ontario, Canada has been nominated for a Community Hero Award after helping a teen with autism. Ana Abreu came to the aid of a 15-year-old boy with autism who became distraught after losing his sunglasses at the Promenade Mall in the Thornhill […]

Kirby Company helps teen with autism celebrate birthday

Chesterfield County, VA – A teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was given the usual yet much-appreciated birthday gift of a Kirby vacuum cleaner when he turned 14 this year. This story has touched the heart strings of many readers and has been talked about extensively in social media. According to his mother Jodie, Dylan […]

Teen with autism races go-carts for the cause

Uxbridge, ON Canada – 15-year-old with autism Austin Riley is going on tour to raise awareness about autism and the importance of embracing your passions. The inspirational go-kart racer and his family were motivated to go on the North American Racing with Autism tour because of there own successes. Austin was diagnosed with ADHD and […]

Ottawa – Teen with autism charged with assault at incident in school

Ottawa, Canada – A mother of a 14-year-old boy who has autism, is outraged that her son has been charged with assault after an incident at his school. It is reported that the incident involved his former principal and vice-principal. Many experts on the subject of autism are also troubled that this teen is being […]

Teen with autism rescues man trapped under car

Hamilton, Canada– An teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) saved his neighbour’s life after the man was crushed underneath his vehicle in a recent accident. Chris Miller, a Cardinal Newman student, was home one evening when he heard someone yelling for help outside of his home. Miller’s neighbour, a mechanic, had been crushed under his […]