S.B. Linton’s “Teens With Autism” Book Review

Author S. B. Linton is renowned for writing writing books with the intention of helping children with autism in the through an array of lesson ideas and activities for the classroom and home environment. Linton’s most recent book, Teens with Autism: Apps, Ideas for Lessons, & Common Core Reading Connections for Teens and Young Adults […]

Teens with autism join Israeli Army to decipher aerial photos

Jerusalem — Soldiers on the autism spectrum were employed by the Unit 9900 of the s to decipher aerial photos taken by military satellites. The decipherers, who are volunteers mostly still in their teens, are in charge of interpreting and decoding 3D satellite images— a job that requires constant attention to detail and long hours of […]

Crisis center for teens with autism badly needed in Ontario

Ontario, Canada – The McIntosh’s are in dire need for a crisis center for their son on the spectrum, Cliff, who has violent outbursts. Since outbursts have made Cliff a frequent visitor of local ER’s some hospitals have refused him care. The outbursts started as typical tempter tantrums but grew more harmful as Cliff aged. […]