Autistic friendly performances especially in Chicago becoming more common

Chicago, USA – A leader in offering barrier free performances for families with autistic children Chicago Children’s Theatre (CCT) does it again. This time they have set aside all 235 seats on November 1st for the performance of the currently running “A Year with Frog and Toad“. Why all seats? As they say on the web site: “This creates […]

Autism friendly theater play: The Lion King

Autism Daily Newscast recently reported on the increasing numbers of films that are being presented in autism friendly setting. Live theater is also taking up the challenge of offering special productions for children with special needs. If taking a small child to watch a theater play has proven to be a challenge, you can just […]

Boston Opera House host autism friendly performance of The Lion King

Boston – Hakuna matata!  Boston Opera House is planning a “no worries” performance of The Lion King for an audience of families and members of the autism community this October. The Boston Opera House teamed up with the New England chapter of Autism Speaks to create a “judgment free” Autism-friendly environment for the special showing.  […]