Robert Kennedy Jr : Thimerosal, vaccination and political fireworks

Robert Kennedy Jr has once again inflamed the Thimerosal vaccination debate by threatening to publish his book “Thimerosal: Let the Science speak” which contains information he claims the CDC is hiding from the American public. It’s not the first time Kennedy, an attorney for the natural defence council has made the claim, and been rebuffed. […]

Male brain and the role of testosterone and thimerosal in autism – an opinion

Editor’s Note: Occasionally at Autism Daily Newscast we receive emails which pose interesting questions. One such email was received last week by Tony Bateson, in response to an article we published regarding Robert F Kennedy Jr’s as yet unpublished book about the MMR vaccinations. I will allow Mr Bateson himself to voice his opinion, and […]

Robert Kennedy apology for autism holocaust blunder remains problematic

Anti vaccination campaigner Robert Kennedy Junior has publicly apologised for comparing vaccination of children to the Holocaust in a recent autism speech. Lawyer, and nephew of assassinated president John F Kennedy is campaigning against a Californian bill which proposes compulsory vaccination of all children against common childhood illnesses such as whooping cough, chicken pox, mumps, measles and […]

Chelation – heavy metal poisoning treatment is not a therapy for autism – w/video

Parents who have been told their child has autism or have a suspicion of it hit Google. It’s the first thing they do. They think quite reasonably ‘what can I do to help my child?’. First things to come up are  Autism Speaks, DAN ( Defeat Autism Now) and therapies including ABA which stands for […]

Vaccination poll a draw with Autism Daily Newscast readers

We asked readers in a recent poll to ask whether they believe in vaccinating children. The link between autism and vaccination has always been hotly debated in the media, and in recent months we have reported stories on Andrew Wakefield’s controversial claim resurfacing, and independent news sources claiming that a new paper had been found […]