British Celebs go twitter crazy for autism Anti bullying poster

London, UK – Twitters British glitterati have been sharing and re-tweeting a poster created by a 20 year old autistic and epileptic from Uxbridge, London. Angelo Kennedy, son of Autism advocate Anna Kennedy OBE, is featured on a  poster for his mother’s anti bullying and autism awareness “Give Us A Break” campaign, a bullying and […]

Sharon Tiday on her Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons in School

Sharon Tiday, from Plymouth, UK, is a mum on a mission. The mum of 3 to Shannon and Stacey, both 6 and Jack, 11, set up last year a Facebook group ‘Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons in schools‘ and is campaigning for disability awareness lessons to be part of the curriculum in all mainstream schools. […]

BBC Four, ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’ Documentary and Opinions

Reaction to “Autism: Challenging Behaviour” on BBC is strong and mixed. Airdate: Tuesday 5th November. The documentary focused upon the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis) and how it is used as an intervention for Autistic children. The programme information on the BBC website is as follows: ‘The film follows three-year-old Jack and four-year-old Jeremiah through […]

Kevin Healey on Reporting Impersonation Accounts on Twitter

We have reported several times about Kevin Healey, a leading autism campaigner who is fighting for laws to protect autistic individuals from cyber bullying and online hate crimes. He has successfully implemented a ten minute bill which will be happening at the end of this month in Parliament with regards to this matter. In August […]

Kevin Healey, Autism Anti-Bullying Campaigner

Kevin Healey is a leading autism campaigner, ambassador for the National Autistic Society, radio presenter for SAAS (Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society) and published author. In July, Autism Daily Newscast reported Kevin’s concerns regarding the twitter ‘report abuse’ button and his national campaign to put laws in place to protect and safeguard autistic individuals from online […]

Twitter ‘Report Abuse’ button not good enough according to Autism Anti-Bullying campaigner

Social networking site Twitter has announced that it will install a ‘report abuse button’ after alleged rape threats were received by a feminist campaigner earlier this week. For many people with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Social networking sites are an invaluable form of social interaction, which can be very difficult in real life, […]

Patterns for Success: #HighFunctioningMeans Career Challenges

For those of you who are active on Twitter, you may have witnessed an uprising of tweets from actually autistic people over the last week with three very poignant hashtags: #LowFunctioningMeans #HighFunctioningMeans #FunctioningLabelsMean The gist of this movement was to express the damage that functioning labels have done to many autistic people in setting certain […]

MTV News Waffles on Supporting #ActuallyAutistic

Last week, MTV News ran a story about how many autistic people were speaking out in protest against Autism Speaks‘ stated intent to find a cure for autism. But shortly after going online, it was quietly removed. Freelance writer Robin Lempel wrote the article for MTV News, which we were able to get a copy […]

Alex Redmond makes an ‘Autism Friendly Film Screenings’ film

Burnley, Lancashire – Alex Redmond has been involved within the special needs world most of his life as his mother is a special needs primary school teacher. We recently came across Alex on twitter when he posted about the film that he made as part of his Film Production Technology degree at Staffordshire University. His […]

Jenny McCarthy – #JennyAsks tweet turns into fierce vaccination row

A seemingly innocent tweet from Jenny McCarthy turned ugly as it drew the Pro vaccination crowd to answer her in their droves using her own hashtag #Jennyasks. Jenny McCarthy, the outspoken The View host, ex-playboy model and fervent anti vaccination campaigner has stuck to her guns about how she believes the Mumps Measles and Rubella […]