Kristina Chew from New Jersey, USA, voices fears for her 16 year old Autistic son’s future

New Jersey, USA. In America, children with disabilities are entitled to social services until they are 21 years of age. Kristina Chew’s son, Charlie, is severely autistic and has intellectual disabilities. He will soon be 16 ½ and this has prompted Kristina to think about preparing for his future as an adult on the autistic […]

Kansas school test robots with autistic children

Witchita, Kan – An autism specific school in Witchita, Kansas is testing out social robots with their pupils to develop their social and human interaction skills. The experimental program at Heartspring features $16,000 robots that are programmed to sing, converse, dance, recognise faces, features, and even calm themselves after they fall. One robot was programmed […]

Autistic teenager Manny Dedmon, from Texas, is at the heart of the Birdville football team

North Richland Hills, Texas. – Birville football team are proud to include Manny as a team player. Ted Madden who interviewed friends and family about the autistic teenager was told that his smile is what sets him apart. Manny is not just seen as a ‘token gesture’ he is very much a valued member of […]

Former autistic student sues Pennsylvania school for keeping him off varsity hockey team

Gibsonia Pennysylvania – A former student with an autism diagnosis is suing his school for keeping him from playing varsity level hockey because of his diagnosis. The 18 year old student known only as J.G in the federal law suit filed against Pine-Richland school district, claims that he played hockey for several years with no major […]

Two thirds of American children with autism on medication

Two thirds of children  diagnosed with autism io the USA are medicated with one or more drug. According to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics on October 14, a survey of over 60,000 autistic or ASD children claims that 64pc of them are on one or more psychotopic drug. The study states to […]

Desperate Measures – When a mother can no longer care for her autistic child

Parents of Philippe Telford, a nineteen year old man with severe autism, reached this point last April.  Amanda Telford told CTVnews Ottawa, Canada that she and her husband no longer had the resources physically, mentally, emotionally or financially to provide the care to secure the safety of their son. That week, Philippe had wandered off from […]

New film provides insight into life of a mother who killed autistic son

A mother, charged with murdering her 14 year old son is the subject of a new documentary film to be shown by the Autism Media Channel in America. The Chicago mother, Dorothy Spourdalakis was found guilty and charged to be held without bond along side caretaker Jolanta Agata Skordzka, for the murder of Alex Spourdalakis in June […]

Is Autism Support Different in Canada versus the USA?

Autism in North America is said to have risen highly in the past twenty years. One out of every 160 children born in Canada will eventually be diagnosed with Autism, with boys being five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. The causes of autism based on research seem to begin during […]

Petition Launched for Autism Awareness and Special Needs Recognition Training for US Law Enforcement

Helena, Ohio, United States – Julie Dukett has launched a petition via entitled, Autism Awareness and Special Needs Recognition training for all US Law Enforcement. Julie decided to start the petition after her nephew was tasered. Junie states on her petition that her young nephew who has autism was tasered by two police officers […]

Necklaces inspired by boy with autism sold all over the world

Boise, Treasure Valley, USA – Drew Elliott, 8 has autism and has inspired the sale of his necklaces all across the globe. The article states that it all started when Drew told his mum that he wanted a best friend. Natalie, Drew’s mum said: “He and I were at a restaurant one day and […]