Budget Vacations for Families with an Autistic Child

Since vacationing with an autistic child is no longer out of the question, another concern may arise of having the funds to afford a family trip. Perhaps the budget is already stretched due to all of the expenses involved in caring for an individual with special needs. Although any excursion will cost money, travelers can […]

Can Dream Vacations and Amusement Parks be a Reality for Autistic Children?

Autistic children do not need to be deprived of any dream to visit Disney World or other amusement parks. Families may believe that the popular and populated theme parks are too big and dazzling for their sensory sensitive children. This does not have to be the case. If planning and preparations are done in advance for the […]

Preparation and Trial Runs Key for a Fun Vacation: What one Airline is Doing to Help Autistic Kids

It is that time of year when families begin planning for a vacation.  For some families with autistic members, any trip can be so stressful, they no longer go on one. There are a variety of noted vacation spots suitable for families that have individuals with autism. Just as the options for destinations range from […]