Patterns for Success – The Break Room Slob

There it is again. Somebody left a bowl of hummus in the sink, half-filled with water, as if they’re waiting for someone else to come and clean it up. Or they just want you to be revolted by it. You know who it is. Jimmy from the Sales team was just eating hummus 20 minutes […]

Patterns for Success: Personal Kanban

One of the best daily routines to assure personal and professional success is to manage your responsibilities with a system. Today, I’m going to tell you about how to use the Personal Kanban system to manage your responsibilities. The word kanban is of Japanese origin, and simply means sign board or billboard. The kanban system is a very visually-oriented […]

Patterns for Success: The Pomodoro Technique

There is an old proverb that says “no good deed goes unpunished”. You’re settled into your job, and you’ve scored a few victories. Great! Your hard work and great results have resulted in an increase in the scope of your responsibilities. But you still only have a finite amount of time in the day. What do […]