Canada bound for Danish firm helping autistic people to find tech jobs

Thorkil Sonne started up his company Specialisterne to aid people, like his son Lars, to get a head in the world of technology. The company has since expanded into 11 other countries, the newest of which will venture to Canada. The base for the company will be in Toronto, with staff being sought for Vancouver and […]

ASTEP- Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership provide services for the autism community

New York — ASTEP — We recently shared a press release about the services that ASTEP (Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership) provides for the autism community. Founded in 2010, the organization has helped many companies in the hiring of individuals with autism. The information on the ASTEP website states: ‘ASTEP aims to help employers […]

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Press Release – Finished at School: Supporting young people with autism to move from school to college

One day training courses to help staff support young people with autism to move from school to college are being hosted across all nine regions in England, on dates in Autumn term 2015 and Spring term 2016, across ten colleges. Ambitious about Autism, the leading national charity for children and young people with autism, is […]

Autism in the workplace: ‘Always thought you were a bit weird’

I was sitting in a doctor’s office, describing yet again how a day at work could be hell. I told him why sharing the same space, listening to my colleagues’ music/small talk/breathing drove me mad and why someone saying “good morning” could feel like a personal invasion. The doctor was new, young; he gave a […]

A New Frontier for Disabled Adults: Being An Entrepreneur

“I’m sorry, we went with another candidate.” “I’m sorry, you just aren’t qualified.” These phrases are all too often heard by autistic adults following an interview, assuming they get an interview in the first place. According to the Office of Disability Employment, in November of 2014 only 19.7 percent of disabled adults were employed. That is […]

SAP Labs India to hire more individuals with ASD

Mumbai, India — In line with the company’s ‘Autism at Work’ global initiative, SAP Labs India announced that it is set to hire more workers on the autism spectrum some time later this year. SAP Labs India’s initiative was launched shortly after it partnered with Denmark-based social business Specialisterne in 2013. Since then, the company […]

Pennsylvania school helps adults with ASD find work – w/video

Hershey, Pa. — With only about 16.8 percent of persons with disabilities active in the job market last year, it’s undeniable that there are obstacles out there that hinder them from finding jobs and giving back to their communities. But a school in Hershey, Pennsylvania has been doing everything they can to help the persons […]

BBC 2 films neurodiversity employment documentary

UK – The famed British channel BBC 2 will film and broadcast a documentary on employment problems for people with learning differences. The working title is “Employ Me” and will showcase employable people with autism, Tourette’s, and AHDH. This documentary hopes to promote the idea that neurodiverse people can be employed and may possess great […]

Priory Group state more quality jobs and apprenticeships are needed for adults with autism

Priory Group – A “woeful inadequacy” of apprenticeships, internships and jobs for adults with autism is holding back their prospects and blighting society, autism experts at the Priory Group state. Allison Hope-West, autism director at the Priory Group, urged companies to come forward, saying many adults with autism could fulfil satisfying roles in the workplace […]

Harry Specters create jobs for individuals with autism

Cambridge, UK — Just like any other parent of a child with autism, Shaz Shah and his wife, Mona, worried about what the future brings for their child. According to the National Autistic Society, out of 350,000 individuals with autism, only 15 per cent are employed. Anxious about the future of their 16-year-old, Ash— who […]