UPDATE: Young man with autism kicked out of college for alleged ‘sexual assault’

Taylor Bruton had no idea that the young man who gave her a hug had been suspended from college until she saw the news report on television that Brian Ferguson had been kicked out of college for allegedly ‘sexually assaulting‘ her.  She explained that after Brian Ferguson hugged and kissed her on the top of her head, that she […]

Petition Update – Bring Stephen home

Islington, UK – Bring my son Stephen home & care for him in our community #bringstephenhome – Back in January we reported on the case of Stephen Andrade, a young man with severe autism, who after a long stay in a psychiatric unit at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, 60 miles away from his family home, […]

Young man with autism persuaded by peers to jump in icy ocean

Manasquan, N.J. — A 19-year-old man with autism was persuaded by two men to jump in an icy ocean and stay there for a minute in exchange for two packs of cigarettes and $20. Peter Drake, of Howell, struggled in the frigid water for five minutes and nearly drowned. Apart from being diagnosed with autism, […]

When caregivers fail – what happens to autism acceptance?

What happens when caregivers of autistic individuals fail to do their jobs? Last week I read the incredibly disturbing story about the young autistic man who attacked a baby while out walking with two ‘carers.’ The Daily Mail reports that the young man involved, clawed at the baby’s face, ‘leaving his face scratched and bloody.’ […]

It’s A Fair Cop – Julie Ellsmoor on autism and the police

The following is a blog post made by Julie Ellsmoor, mum to John, who has autism. It was originally posted on Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind. Reprinted with permission. It’s a fair cop – I recently read a really interesting article by Jo Worgan an editor of the online magazine ‘autismdailynewscast’, regarding law enforcement and […]

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Interview – Judi Whary talks about son Michael, who made autism awareness video that went viral.

Grafton, Ohio – Last moth we covered the story about the intelligent and energetic 16-year-old, Michael Whary, who created a 13 minute autism awareness video for his Eagle Scout Project. Michael has autism. You can read our report; Boy scout with autism makes autism awareness video here.  here. To date the YouTube video has had […]

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